Easy Rib Recipe

12 Feb

When cooking ribs in the oven, there is always the assay that they may arrive out a bit dry. To desist this, recall to put at lowest a back progress of thing in the baking pan. This module aid to … Read More »

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and share to entry the GoPro Giveaway

9 Feb

Steph Bekker is giving away his GoPro 4 Black to one lucky subscriber. Let him know in the comments below why you need to have this camera to increase your chances of winning. Goprohero4

Best Upgraded Bow? Top 5 Crossbows and Wonder Weapons in Zomies “Rave in the Redwoods” (Top 5 Call of Duty Zombies)

8 Feb

What is the best bow and what’s the best upgraded bow? In this video of Top 5 zombies, we’re taking a look at all the crossbows aka wonder weapons and ordering them in this top 5 list. All the bows … Read More »